100 years of Orion


The pharmaceutical company Orion and Finland celebrated their 100th anniversary in 2017. During war and in times of peace, both have built well-being, year after year.

Orion’s history is closely tied to the development of the Finnish pharmaceutical industry and health care. Orion’s medicines have been part of Finns’ everyday life – through sickness and health – for a hundred years, and through its products, Orion has had a strong impact on Finnish society.

Orion has become what it is today by making it through great changes. The company was founded during the turbulent times of the Great War, it benefited from the boom of Finnish manufacturing brought on by the 1930s’ depression and it grew rapidly during the Second World War. On the threshold of the 1970s, Orion set its sights on the export market, and in the 1980s its focus on research brought the company success. Orion has also been able to find a profitable path despite increasing global competition.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing, the industry in which Orion operates, has played an important role in improving national health and today, old national diseases such as tuberculosis, rickets and diphtheria are almost unknown in Finland. In 2017, Finns live longer than ever and lead independent lives long into old age.

We want to thank you for being part of our important work. Let’s continue to build well-being together – everywhere in the world.