Orion Pharma 100th anniversary

2017-06-23 Orion Pharma and Finland celebrate their centenaries in Warsaw.

In Poland Orion Pharma has celebrated its 100th anniversary by organizing two events – a press briefing and an evening reception in the Embassy of the Republic of Finland in Poland. These two events took place on the same day - 22nd June, 2017. In the morning there was a press briefing which was a good opportunity to present the history of Orion Pharma both in Finland and in Poland. The milestones of the Orion history and its vision was presented by Timo Lappalainen, President and CEO of Orion Corporation. HE, Ms. Hanna Lehtinen, Ambassador of the Republic of Finland in Poland, who was a honor guest of the meeting, added important information about history of Finland and relations between Finland and Poland in business and social aspects. The host of the meeting, Wojciech Szwedzinski, Country Manager of Orion Pharma Poland and Head of Region Eastern Europe, described the history and achievements of Orion Pharma in Poland. The press briefing attracted quite a few journalists from the trade media. The claim “building well-being” has been placed for many years in Orion’s logo. That is why Orion Pharma Poland decided to organize public opinion research on well-being in order to find out how the Poles understand this term. The results of this survey, conducted by ARC Rynek i Opinia, an independent research agency, were presented during the press briefing and commented by Ms Joanna Heidtman Ph.D., a well-known Polish psychologist and sociologist. In the evening Orion Pharma Poland invited its key customers, representatives of Polish medical environment and stake holders to an official meeting in the Embassy of the Republic of Finland in Warsaw. The official part of the meeting included speeches made by the Finnish Ambassador, our CEO and Mr Szwedzinski. This was followed by a recital given by Ossi Tanner, a young Finnish pianist. It was also a good opportunity to try Finnish cuisine and specially prepared menu Suomi 100. The invited guests received a special publication with a set of drawings of a well-known Polish artist Andrzej Mleczko with 100th anniversary of Orion Pharma and Finland as a theme. Thank you for letting us be a part of this great story.


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